Monday, June 13, 2011

Diary: A Novel by Chuck Palahnuik


Diary takes the form of a “coma diary” kept by one Misty Tracy Wilmot as her husband lies senseless in a hospital after a suicide attempt. Once she was an art student dreaming of creativity and freedom; now, after marrying Peter at school and being brought back to once quaint, now tourist-overrun Waytansea Island, she’s been reduced to the condition of a resort hotel maid. Peter, it turns out, has been hiding rooms in houses he’s remodeled and scrawling vile messages all over the walls—an old habit of builders but dramatically overdone in Peter’s case. Angry homeowners are suing left and right, and Misty’s dreams of artistic greatness are in ashes. But then, as if possessed by the spirit of Maura Kinkaid, a fabled Waytansea artist of the nineteenth century, Misty begins painting again, compulsively. But can her newly discovered talent be part of a larger, darker plan? Of course it can…


Where do I even start?  This book was the epitome of an enigma for me.  I both hated and yet somehow enjoyed (though that isn't really the right word) this book.  It was strange.  I found myself completely uninterested in the story, but at the same time couldn't seem to put it down.

I just can't even begin to get into this book.  The plot was so completely confusing to me, but oddly I still managed to see the end coming.  It was just an all around weird book.  I found factual errors within the writing, but the characters themselves are so completely off the deep end that I don't know if these mistakes were intentional to reflect the mindsets or if Palahnuik just flat out got it wrong.

I just really don't know.

Bottom line...I DON'T KNOW!!!  I guess, read it and judge for yourself.  Maybe you could explain to me what I just read.



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